If you need urgent answers, you can try to contact me via irc.

Irc is one of the first chat protocols (about 30 years old) and is still widely used.

My nickname is orac2. 

If you wonder why I chose this name, I'm a die-hard fan of Blake's 7, an old scifi cult series. In this series there is a supercomputer called Orac.

Please enter your name in the entry field "Nick". No password is needed.

Please be patient. It can take some time before the chat window appears at the bottom of this page.
If no chat window appears please check the security/no track settings of your browser.

If you want to use a dedicated client there are lots of chat programs available that allow you to connect to the irc server.
One of these programs is Pidgin. For more info click here.
The server you need to connect to is
The channel is #creo